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Three stories of concrete ICF construction with rainwater capture make this home integral to its environment. On a small 50'x100' lot, this house has a water capture system that collects enough water from its roof to provide moisture for its entire onsite orchard and vegetable garden. A integrated gray water system recycles lightly used water from sinks and showers throughout the house and redistributes it to toilets and irrigation uses. Solar powered hot water heaters provide for all the necessary hot water. Outdoor eating areas compliment the formal glass living room. Large functional kitchen has easy access to western screened porches. The house is easily air conditioned with super insulated walls, as well as, designed natural ventilation aided by breeze producing thermal chimneys. Central dehumidifiers replace much of the need for air conditioning by removing excessive humidity on cooler days within the tightly sealed structure

Colquit House

Houston AIA Award winning design, On the Boards, 2004.