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Pest Control of Homes in the colder winter months of Arkansas

December 14th, 2011 at 13:51
Roach on wood

Roach on wood

Homeowners combat pests throughout the year—especially during the colder winter months when pests try to move indoors.

As a new-homes professional, you can help keep pests out of homes year-round while reducing the need for harmful chemicals, which are a concern of many homeowners—especially those with small children or pets.

The Indoor airPLUS Construction Specifications includes two guidelines for Pest Management:

  1. Seal foundation joints and penetrations, including air-tight sump covers.
  2. Install corrosion-proof rodent/bird screens at all openings that can’t be fully sealed.

Employing these two simple strategies during construction will help your customers avoid pest problems and use fewer harmful pesticides.

To see the full, detailed construction requirements for Indoor airPLUS Pest Management, click here.

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