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Pest Control of Homes in the colder winter months of Arkansas

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
Roach on wood

Roach on wood

Homeowners combat pests throughout the year—especially during the colder winter months when pests try to move indoors.

As a new-homes professional, you can help keep pests out of homes year-round while reducing the need for harmful chemicals, which are a concern of many homeowners—especially those with small children or pets.

The Indoor airPLUS Construction Specifications includes two guidelines for Pest Management:

  1. Seal foundation joints and penetrations, including air-tight sump covers.
  2. Install corrosion-proof rodent/bird screens at all openings that can’t be fully sealed.

Employing these two simple strategies during construction will help your customers avoid pest problems and use fewer harmful pesticides.

To see the full, detailed construction requirements for Indoor airPLUS Pest Management, click here.

I’m At Home in Arkansas

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

The Green issue of At Home in Arkansas is out online and it features an interview and portrait of yours truly.   Photography by Nancy Nolan.

Rennovation and update of Georgian House in Houston

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

EcoHouse has just finished a remodeling of a brick home in Houston, Texas. It needed some updating and general repairs and some basic painting. The old windows were leaky and needed badly an energy upgrade to Low-e Argon filled vinyl windows and the doors needed weather striping. We insulated the attic and made a variety of weatherization improvements. Mostly, we gutted the kitchen and bathrooms and built new kitchen and bathrooms. The quarters or garage apartment needed serious work. We gutted the entire apartment and added a new kitchenette, fenced yard and fully glassed bathroom.
The house is for sale now . See listing.


We added a stone path and all new EnergyStar windows and peach paint to reflect the peach and apple orchard up front.


The whole house was refreshed with Sherwin Williams antique white wall paint with no VOCs. French doors were added.

We gutted the kitchen and job-built cabinets and laid granite tile counters. A new French door leads to a new covered patio.

New stainless steel appliances and a wine rack.

Glass front cabinets on either side of sink allow for display.

Full pantry cabinets and a powder room are off to the side.

We cleaned up the brick and replaced old square windows with full arched windows to open up the sunroom.

Both upstairs baths were gutted and retiled and refitted with cabinets and fixtures.

Martha Stewart provided the mirror over new, real granite counters.

The soaker tub was replaced and crema marble added.


Renovation of a modern home.

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

I came across a magazine review of one of my projects from 2001.  The client was a renovation junkie.  He had remodeled his house three times before.  The family room above was a library addition originally designed by the last architect before me.  I rebuilt and refinished every surface including these to bring the entire home, the new pool and the extensive dance hall and guest house addition into one unified whole.  The house, I gutted, restructured and refit.  The kitchen is a Bulthaup stainless steel design.  The rest of the project required art museum finishes fitting the vast pop art and toy collection.  The exteriors were recovered with dry stack granite stone, fiber optic lit glass walls and cedar.

Clink on the following link to read more.  Linda Barth wrote the article about this home.  Luis de Santos took this photograph and others in the article.


Heifer USA to host session, “Local Food as Economic Development”

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

SBNCA announces that one of its members, Heifer USA, intends to do some major investment here in Arkansas to stimulate a local food economy. EcoHouse Construction is all in favor of creating a rich community including food production. Perhaps urban homesteading will be a topic?

Here is the invite:

Heifer USA, a division of Arkansas-based Heifer International, is preparing to launch a bold new effort to create living-wage jobs, combat hunger and diet-related diseases right here in Arkansas. Later this spring, Heifer USA will unveil a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment plan for alleviating hunger and poverty throughout the state of Arkansas. We have invited friends and colleagues from health, education, agriculture and government sectors to join this discussion in an effort to enrich our plan with the input of potential stakeholders and partners in this endeavor.

The session will feature Ken Meter, one of the most revered food systems analysts in the United States. Mr. Meter has completed an Arkansas-specific data analysis that:
1. projects the economic development potential of constructing a localized food system,
2. illuminates issues that are unique to the state such as acreage devoted to sustainable production, the value of commodities produced and the value of direct sales from farms to consumers; and
3. charts a course for economic recovery in Arkansas.

The event will be held at Heifer Village in the Global Impact Room on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. If you know of others in the business community who might also be interested in participating, please feel free to forward this invitation to them.

To RSVP or for additional information, please contact Gretchen by email at

Sculpting walls of a modern home

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
Master Bedroom for modern custom house

Latest design for master bedroom remodeling.

We have revised our design for this modern home. The black floors have been replaced with rich caramelized coconut flooring and the drywall ceilings and walls have taken a life of their own. The house always had punched openings in thick walls. We have given this room an updated spin with sculpted niches and light alcoves. A new study area graces the sitting room over looking the gardens.

Where to recycle in Little Rock Arkansas?

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Check out our recycling page dedicated to finding the best places for those items best not sent to the landfill.